Welcome to Sleep Central

Our mission is to provide the patients and physicians we serve with the highest quality CPAP equipment and supplies. In addition, our customer support enables patients to take control of their own treatment.

What is Sleep Central?

Sleep Central specializes in providing the highest quality CPAP equipment and supplies used to treat sleep apnea to patients across the US.  Through our support center, a staff of specially trained patient care coordinators provide patients with customer support.  Respiratory Therapists are available to address technical questions or clinical issues.  For those individuals requiring direct contact, Sleep Central is associated with nearly 500 locations across the United States where patients can visit or Respiratory Clinicians are available to perform home visits.  To ensure that patients receive the ongoing support needed for success, Patient Care Coordinators contact our patients periodically to address any questions about treatment; to replenish supplies such as masks, filters, and tubing; and to monitor customer satisfaction.  Patient responses on quality of equipment, patient education, customer support, and the convenience of our program consistently rate “Above Average” to “Excellent”.

Sleep Central is a division of Rotech Healthcare, Inc.

About Rotech Healthcare

For years, Rotech has been a national leader in providing home medical equipment, respiratory equipment and services, and respiratory (nebulizer) medications for home use. More than 4,500 employees of the Rotech family of hometown companies contribute to delivering quality service and the best in professional patient care through more than approximately 500 locations in 48 states across the country.

Professional respiratory therapists, nurses, and pharmacists lead our care-giving teams in delivering home medical products, medications, and care, to our patients. These professionals are supported by a corps of patient care coordinators, customer services representatives, delivery technicians, and numerous others. Our dedicated teams all are committed to you, your family, and your physician in achieving a common goal - helping you lead a more comfortable and productive life, every day.

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